Create the Flappy Bird Game Using JavaScript


In general, to create a JavaScript game, you'll need two things, the first is the HTML5 canvas, and the second is JavaScript.

If you want to follow this tutorial step by step, you must first download our starter template, from our repository on GitHub, the starter template, have all files already created, including the images, audio files. Download the starter template.

Now let's open our index.html file, You first go and create the canvas element, inside your HTML file :

then before the closing body tag "</body>", you add your JavaScript code.

Now we need to write our code, inside flappyBird.js file, the first thing that we will do, is to select our canvas, and getContext('2d') of our canvas :

getContext('2d') method, has properties and methods that allow us to draw and DO different things on the canvas.

Now let's create our game images.
To create an image, we create an instance of the Image() object, using the new keyword.

And then we have to set our images source (path), using the src property.

we do just the same, when we create an audio file in JavaScript, we create an instance of the Audio() object, using the new keyword.

Now let's create some variables we will need during the game.

The player can control the bird using any key on the keyboard.
We need to add an eventlistener to our document. and when the player press a key, we run a function moveUp(); that will move up the bird by 25px to the top, and also play a sound.

We will need to store our pipe (North and South) coordinates, for that, we will use an array.
When the game starts, the first pipe X position is at 288px (= cvs.width).
I think it's time, cause you're ready to follow my step by step tutorial on how to create the flappy bird game using JavaScript.

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